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Keller on Romney, and the value of local journalism to national reporting

September 25, 2007

I enjoy Jon Keller’s political reporting and commentary on Boston’s WBZ-TV. His irreverent style provides light relief, but is also incisive.  It seems he doesn’t often miss a trick in the world of Massachusetts politics, of which he is a veteran reporter. (Although I have to admit to surprise at how blunt he can be, and wonder if he sometimes jeopardizes his objectivity.)

His light-hearted assessment (flash video) of the latest Romney ad, “Change Begins With Us” (embedded below), gave me a giggle. He also makes a serious point about the precarious nature of Romney’s attempt to distance himself from unpopular Republicans by taking an unveiled swipe at them in this ad.

Keller’s work highlights how useful local and state political reporters can be in covering the home state record of candidates that have moved to the national stage. Some have followed a candidate’s rise to prominence over years, whereas national reporters, lacking such a detailed knowledge of their political past, can overlook the nuances of a politician’s back story in favour of recycled caricatures based on perceived wisdom .

(Hat tip to Seth Gitell for bringing Keller to my attention.)