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Scoble un-minimalizes

May 1, 2008

Coincidentally, a few hours before Scoble redesigned his blog, I was admiring his persistence in sticking to old school white minimalism.  I even thought, “Gee, maybe I should go to plain white with a header graphic, à la Dave Winer” (before he replaced the charming rotating header photos with text). 

And yet there was something about the old that didn’t sit right.  The header graphic didn’t suggest Scoble – his public persona and pursuits – the way the new one does.  So I’d keep the new header (not sure about its subtle inclusion of part of the Seagate logo though – ad, okay, but sponsor’s logo in your personal header?), and I like the Friendfeed widget, but I’d rather have them on the old plain white background.  The new style is clean and user-friendly, I just miss the amateur character of the less slick approach.

Given that I read Scoble’s and others’ feeds in a reader, why do I care?  Because the blog as a physical place on the web – rather than a stream of thoughts I can access in any RSS-friendly space that suits me – still matters, as a projection of the blogger, and a place I go to “visit” him/her.  I somehow feel more connected with a blogger when I click through to their site for a change. 

LATER: Apparently the riff on the Seagate logo that is in Scoble’s header was accidental.  Just shows how designers can get too close to their work – it jumped out at me straight away, and seemed a little too cosy with the sponsor.  I hope it is changed.